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On the second anniversary of the newsletter ADA, the Editor, Pedatzur Benattia, wrote the following:

...Today, two years after the first issue of Ada, we in the Or Shalom Institute are extremely proud of the baby that was born in great hardship, took its first steps, and today is growing ...
And now to the question that many ask: why call it Ada? ... The meaning of the word ada is known to all: a custom that became like an oath, hence is impossible to break. The reason for the name, however, is the sweet but painful memory of the last days of my father's life (may he rest in peace). It happened on the fourth night of Hannuka two years ago ... , when I was talking with my father in the evening and he asked me if we would be able to get to the candle lighting ... On that day it was not possible to be at the candle lighting. And then my father tried again: "Maybe after all, my son, mother prepared sfinz (doughnuts). Come, let's go, it is an Ada, let's go!" This is what my father told me two days before he passed away, and his voice rings in my ears as if I had spoken to him just now. The voice and appearance of my father (may he rest in peace), voices and appearances of many from our community (may they rest in peace) who were and are no more, do not give me rest or peace; it is as if they were standing in an endless line, asking modestly and quietly that we not let the wheels of time erase ... our ancient traditions in the present 20th century, ... that we remember and not forget how ... they diligently observed the traditions of our fathers ... We are here today, in the land of Israel, approaching the year 2000, instructed to do everything in order that our fathers and our fathers' fathers will be able to rub their hands gladly and say enthusiastically "There is a continuation to our ways!" ...

Or Shalom
P.O.Box 297
Bat Yam, Israel
Tel: 972 3 6593993
Editor: P. Benattia

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