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Lillo Arbib
Date: January 1999
Location: Bat Yam, Israel
Language: Italian
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Lillo Arbib lived in Tripoli until 1967.

Lillo Arbib was president of the Jewish community of Tripoli, c.1948. With some input from his wife, he discusses differences of liturgical melodies, and the need of a leader for the Jews of Libya. He describes his education, education in general, and raising children. He talks about the relationship with Arabs, about pogroms, the revolt by the Jews for self-protection, and his family's hiding places; about various customs and traditions, including wedding ceremonies and dress; and about poverty, taxes, and medical conditions. He briefly describes life under Italian and British rule, and his presidency and the Aliyah.


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because everyone in his business had to have an Arab partner, this Arab partner should not have less than 51% of the [H] Jew. [Wife: he takes more than the owner]. He takes more than the owner. I, for example, had an Arab partner. He was a good partner because he was always with me, but generally it is not at all, he is only a partner, he comes every year to see the balance and takes his amount (laughs). Full text...
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