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Date: January 1999
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Language: Arabic
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Lydia: Lived in Amros until 1948.

Lydia' s main topic is the atrocities of the pogrom of Amros, which she describes in some detail, and which remain a painful memory. She describes the apparent British instigation of the strife between the Jews and the Arabs, and reflects on why the Libyan Jews did not lay any claim to their country, Libya, where they had lived for centuries.


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I want to talk only about the pogrom. They came to say that for four hours they [the British] told the Arabs they can kill the Jews. This is in Amros...The Arabs, they came to tell us.Yes, there were good Arabs, why should one lie. They said take care of yourselves, there are some [A] infiltrators [H] terrorists [A] who are coming to kill the Jews. We started laughing, we did not believe it. We said they were faking. Full text...

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