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Date: December 1998
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Language: Italian
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Saul Legziel:
Lived in Benghazi until 1950.

Lived in Egypt 1941-43.                    

As President of the Jewish community of Benghazi c. 1948, Saul Legziel was responsible for the emigration of the Jews from Libya to Israel. He vividly describes the mass exodus, his experience with the community, with the Joint, the British, and the Italians leaders. He describes the life of the Jews of Libya during difficult times and times of relative prosperity.


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I was one of the participants of the Jewish history of Libya, you were very young, I was president of the community, I was the one who directed the Aliya of the Jews of Barce, Derna...I united the entire community at the Main Temple [A] Slat lKbira...The synagogue was full, up and down, I told them look, the departures are free, all can leave, but they cannot take one step without the consent of the community. The community has its plans to leave, who will be called to travel we will tell him how to leave, who does not leave will lose his turn. He cannot come after two weeks and say now I am ready, because we cannot upset our plans....In Derna there were probably 200 Jews; in Barce, 59/60; in Tobruk none, because it was evacuated, but as for Jews of Cyrenaica less than 6,000, and only 120 were left. Full text...

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