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Date: December 1998
Location: Bat Yam, Israel
Language: Italian
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Shlomo Gean:
Lived in Benghazi until 1961.          

Shlomo Gean describes daily life for Jews in Libya; Italian and Jewish schools; Shabbat celebration, Holy Day customs and prayers; life cycle customs; and synagogues. There are descriptions of Arab customs, and Jewish-Arab relationships regarding life and work. Shlomo relates some Aliyah experiences, including getting travel documents and his own work experiences.


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There we ate together, we ate as a family...Friday night, [H] it is a mitzva to eat fish [I] they made Hraimi, just a custom, even here they say [H] haohel dag, byom dag, nitzal mdag [I] that means, who eats fish, on the day [H] dalet, [A] arba (four) gimel (three), [I] seven, the seventh day, Saturday, nitzal mdag=medinah shel gehinam (he is saved mdag [literaly from fish, but here mdag=medinah shel gehinam=from hell]. Full text...
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